Boostwave Philosophy

Concurrent to an aggressive stance to converge new and traditional media through creative programming, it is of epic importance to devise strategies to generate penetration into an age demographic targeted to the Gen X and Gen Y and soon to emerge in great numbers, Gen Z.  The baby boomers are still a strong and reachable group, but growth in the future is in its youth.

Previous business plans are only marginally effective in reaching such a unique audience that is accustomed to a world that has promised virtually instant gratifications.  This group is not viewing the advertiser’s message in the same way as previous generations.  Radio competes with ipods and TV must compete with DVR and Tivo to get their ads seen.  Newspapers and magazines have adjusted their models to incorporate the internet into their revenue streams in effort to maintain their infrastructures.  Very few members of the current generation subscribe to newspapers in the traditional sense, but almost every one of them knows how to gather information from the internet, use text messaging, and communicate through a social network.

A new model is the demand the marketplace is making.  A different approach is what each business must acquire in order to compete in a new arena.  The message may be the same, but a new system of delivery must be engaged to ensure that the message has been received.

Our philosophy is designed to help small businesses to maximize their potential. There are many reasons why an organization isn’t maximizing their potential, and Boostwave can identify those reasons and help to create a strategy for action that is aimed at achieving healthy and sustainable growth.

It shouldn’t take thousands of dollars to get some good advice and Boostwave is dedicated to small businesses and their success. Contact us today and find out how to boost your growth potential.