How can online marketing affect my business?

Online Marketing is an essential component of any modern business plan. As a whole, online marketing allows an organization to tap into a community that is searching for something particular. As a provider of that product or service, you can connect to that community and display relevant marketing messages. There are different online mediums, but your message can stay the same. Using different techniques, any business can create a comprehensive online strategy by using Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing as a foundation.


What type of business should consider utilizing the Internet to advertise?

Any for-profit organization can utilize the Internet to attract new clients. We are all facing the same challenge in today’s changing environment. Old business plans are no longer as effective in reaching a target audience. The message may be the same, but the method of sending that message must adapt to a new set of rules.  Today’s consumers get the bulk of their buying information online. If your business is invisible to them, they will find your competitor. The race has already begun, and if your business does not utilize online marketing, then you are surely looking ahead at your rival. The time to act is Now!


How is Boostwave Consulting different from other online marketing firms?

Our philosophy is designed to help small businesses to maximize their potential. There are many reasons why an organization isn’t maximizing their potential, and Boostwave can identify those reasons and help to create a strategy for action that is aimed at achieving healthy and sustainable growth.

It shouldn’t take thousands of dollars to get some good advice and Boostwave is dedicated to small businesses and their success. Contact us today and find out how to boost your growth potential.

I can’t afford to advertise my business using radio/TV/newspaper. What options do I have?

Boostwave Consulting recognizes the challenges of marketing in today’s environment. We typically start with an analysis if there is an existing website. With that analysis, we identify options and opportunities that are used to create an online strategy. Once the strategy is established, we can prioritize the options and phase each step. Not only will you have a roadmap to success, but the power to initiate each phase. Whether conservative or aggressive, we can get you on the right path and help along the way.

My website doesn’t seem to be producing any significant business. What can I do?

There are many different reasons for this. Different industries have different levels of competitiveness. Typically, we find there are relatively small adjustments that can have a large impact on visibility. Contact us for an analysis and we can help identify those adjustments and get you on the right path.


I keep hearing more about Blogs. Is this a business tool that I should be using?

There are two main reasons to have a blog:

1. Engage your clients and prospects to get them to participate in your messaging.

2. To use as an SEO tool that can inject relevant search terms into your website. Coupled with a good social media campaign, blogs can have a large impact on a website’s visibility and a business’s ability to communicate with its customer base.


What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that caters a particular website to the search engines in a way that boosts visibility in hopes of attracting new viewers. It is the source of natural/organic (free) traffic that can have a large effect over time. Typically, it takes 60-90 days for SEO to take effect, but the effects can last indefinitely, making it a wise long term investment for most businesses.


How much emphasis should I place on SEO?

For websites looking for traffic quickly, there are other methods that work more efficiently. But for everyone else, SEO is a critical component of any online marketing strategy. Tapping into communities that are already searching for your products/services allows better visibility, more traffic and the potential for increased revenue. Contact us for a free analysis and we can explore what SEO opportunities are available to you.


Does Pay per Click services like Google AdWords actually work?

Yes, pay per click does work. However, it can often be a time-consuming process that involves experimentation, research and analysis to maximize a campaign. Once a campaign has been maximized, it can be an extremely efficient mechanism that can be repeated in other mediums. Boostwave Consulting can help with keyword research, budget recommendations, bidding and more. Please contact us today and see how we offer custom reporting that gives you the reports you need, all online in an administrative dashboard.


Is Email Marketing still a viable marketing tool?

Boostwave Consulting considers Email Marketing a centerpiece of any online marketing strategy. It leverages all other forms of marketing to allow users to opt in to receiving your marketing messages. Superior reporting allows you to see detailed results on each message sent with the ability to track opens, clicks and more. Coupled with social media marketing, email marketing can be a powerful enhancement to any online model. With free service to the first 700 email members, there is no reason to wait.


How can a business use social media marketing?

Social media marketing is unique in its ability to connect with other people by industry, geography or common interest. By connecting to people and allowing them to opt in to your messaging, you will have a powerful mechanism that leads to targeted web visits, increased SEO and more sign ups with an email marketing campaign. Boostwave Consulting has a unique method to help business leverage social media. Please visit the social media page to learn more about our process and contact us today for a more detailed overview on what social media can do for your organization.


Who provides the content for a Social Network package?

As part of our process, Boostwave Consulting will break down your website into about 25-30 social media messages. We will schedule release of these messages once per day, then repeating monthly. Adding more messaging is always encouraged. Whether you use our content writers or create content in house, we will help you disseminate those messages or train your team on how to use a social media marketing procedure; one that maximizes the reach of your marketing messages.


Can I see examples of your web design work?

Sure. Please visit our portfolio for project overviews and work completed. Contact us for a more extensive list, referrals and testimonials.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a technological platform that allows an administrator to control the content on a website. In short, it allows an administrator to add, edit or delete any text, images, videos, etc. that appear on a website. Using a user friendly interface, that administrator can add blog posts, change content and add functionality. There are many types of CMS and the selection of which CMS to use is dependent on desired functionality. Our team can help identify the best CMS for your needs, help to build it and train you how to use it. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What are the advantages of using WordPress?

WordPress has traditionally been used as blogging software. However, with the latest releases, the WordPress system has become a powerful CMS that is extremely user friendly and has many powerful plugins that can be added to any system. Using WordPress is an inexpensive, professional solution that is both robust and flexible. Our developers have a lot of WordPress experience and can enhance or create your WordPress website to be a functional extension of your organization for years to come.


Can Boostwave Consulting help set up an online shopping cart?

Choosing a good shopping cart is critical to any E-commerce endeavor. Having used many different software packages and technologies, our developers can create a dynamic E-commerce shopping platform that is capable of inventory management, advanced reporting, product import, SEO and much more. Contact us today and we can give you some demonstrations of some systems that can meet your needs.

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