How can a Small Business hope to compete with “Big Box” retailers?

Boostwave 3-30-11 Blog Text

How can a small business hope to compete with the “Big Box” retailers?

As we write these words, a revolution is underway regarding the manner that retail business is done today. Competition is fierce among purveyors of goods and services to capture the attention of their target audience.  National “Big Box” retailers have the financial ability to flood the market with T.V. spots, radio ads, and full page newspaper advertisements. It is fiscally impossible for the “Mom and Pop” operation to compete head on with these large players.

So, what can the small business owner do to level the playing field? The answer, quite simply is to choose a viable alternative of business communication. That alternative includes Social Media marketing. If your business does not currently have a strategy in place to utilize the amazing reach and power of the Internet, it is likely that your business will be an early victim in the evolution of  marketing .

New generations of consumers are demanding new methods of business communication. Old styles of messaging information are less effective with the “50 and under” age demographic, not to mention the rising costs associated with using traditional advertising mediums. Today’s smarter, better adapted consumer requires new techniques to provide insights into the goods and services available from local business, and the most effective, affordable ,sustainable manner to communicate with this target audience is through a strategy that includes Social Media marketing.

A classic irony about this circumstance is that the companies that offer a Social Media connection find that their traffic is better, their closing ratios higher, and their cost to promote their messages are substantially lower than previous traditional venues. When done correctly, a Social Media program can produce dramatic results at a lower cost than ever before, while building a following of loyal consumers anxious to share information about your company with their friends.

Don’t despair, it is not too late to implement a Social Media strategy that can turn your bottom line in a positive way sooner and less expensively than you might expect. Your customers and your competition are using the Internet for information about your business. Without a strategy to message your clients, your chances of survival are reduced and your ability to  compete  profitably  faces longer odds for success.

The time to act is now, the need to act is compelling. Don’t let another day go by without gaining an education into how the correct Social Media marketing strategy can place your business on level footing with any competitor and learn the survival skills necessary in a fluid and changing environment.

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