How to reach the “50 and under” consumer

How to reach the 50 YEARS AND UNDER CONSUMER

Does your business want to have as effective a marketing strategy as national advertisers? Do you want to reach a local audience with the widest possible group of people? Are you aware that your marketing message can reach a larger statistical range at a lower cost than any other form of advertising?

Well, it is possible when you plan a business strategy that utilizes the remarkable reach of Social Media Marketing. The experts and marketing strategists at have developed a sustainable, effective and affordable system that is custom designed to fit the needs of your business. Through a proprietary portal, Boostwave will create an entire community of linked Social Media locations that will broadcast your business message on a daily basis. The linkage of these individual communities insures that your message is posted on every individual site every day.

Imagine, at less cost than a newspaper ad, you could transmit information about “specials” and “sales” on a daily basis to attract new clients and service established customers.

Here is the best part! Once your business has this program operational, it costs very little to sustain. The fuel that runs the engine is informational content, and we provide the first 30 days of content at no cost. We research and provide the keywords. We design the community based on your target audience. We provide messaging strategies and give you a monthly activity report. We are marketing professionals that understand technology, not techno’s who try to understand marketing perceptions.

New days demand New Ways! Old strategies of business messaging are not the most effective method to reach a “50 year and under” consumer.

It isn’t just that your business cannot afford to advertise effectively in the local newspapers, radio or local TV. Most “50 and unders” aren’t listening to that type of media message. They get their information via the Internet multiple times daily, and spend an average of 2 hours daily on Social Media sites.

We can teach you how to reach this audience in the exact manner that they prefer.

The game has changed, the rules are different. Let Boostwave show your business the best way to adapt to a smarter, instant gratification driven new consumer.

Still have a few doubts? Ask your children or grandchildren how often they log onto a Social Media site…the answer may surprise you!