Internet Marketing Specials

Internet Marketing Specials for the Fourth Quarter

It’s almost Q4, sales haven’t exactly been where you had hoped for them to be, and now the holidays are just around the corner.


What do you do?


Good News! You have a couple of options.


Option #1

Stay paralyzed and do nothing, and when Q1 of 2015 rolls around, you regret not being proactive when you had the opportunity.


Option #2  (We highly recommend this one by the way)

You contact us and together we will come up with a game winning strategy to increase your sales and revenue.  How will we accomplish this you ask?  We will discuss your current situation and then devise a strategic plan to increase your marketing reach given the budget that you have available.  No two businesses are alike and so each plan will be customized accordingly.

We will optimize such tools and channels such as your Website, perhaps create a new one.  Social Media – maximize your presence there as well as drive traffic to your website.  PPC Pay Per Click advertising, Email Marketing, SEO Search engine optimization, Blogs, Landing pages, and much much more…

Now that you have decided that Option #2 is the prudent path to take, we would like to offer you even more of an incentive, a special Q4 discount.  We are offering a discount on a new WordPress website (mobile friendly), minimum 10 pages along with 1 year of FREE hosting.

If you are in need of just a basic website, we have our October Special:
Boostwave Basic Website Package – ONLY $700

  • A 5 page professional WordPress Website
  • Mobile Friendly Design (so people can utilize your site on their phones and tablets)
  • We add your content
  • We add your pictures
  • SEO optimized Home Page (so that your new site will be found by your customers)

A fresh new updated look and feel for your business may be just what is needed.  If your business needs something more in depth we can certainly discuss that as well.

Contact me today, to discuss our Q4 Web Design Special or any of our other Q4 specials and be proactive for the upcoming seasons. Time is of the essence and your wallet will thank you.

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