Is your Business prepared to deal with your children and grandchildren as consumers?

Boostwave Blog   3-31-2011

Is your business prepared to deal with your children and grandchildren as consumers?

Have you considered a business strategy that incorporates the many changes needed to attract the attention of the next generations? Does your strategy take into account the manner in which this group acquires and shares information on a regular basis? If not, it is time to reconsider the method your business uses to communicate information about the goods and services that your business has to offer.

Traditional modes of informational exchange are no longer effective in reaching this group. The “50 and under” age demographic demands a faster, more personal form of communication. This collection of new consumers, over 160 million people strong, ignore outdated forms of message transmission,  (newspapers, radio, direct mailers etc.) just as quickly and easily as previous generations made the transfer from telegraph, rotary dial phones, and pagers. This is a statistical fact, not speculation, and if your business does not have a plan to reach this impatient, instant gratification driven generation,  then your business venture may be in danger of extinction.

Younger audiences rely almost exclusively on the Internet as the primary source for information of any type. Whether it is a question or a comment, it is likely that the information desired will be acquired via a visit to one or several Social Network sites. If your business has no visibility on the Social Media scene, then it is unlikely that you will attract an audience of younger consumers. This group has grown up in an atmosphere of instant information, and is therefore unused to waiting for data. If you are invisible in the moments of their search, then they will quickly move on to the next eligible competitor.

This is an era of Business Darwinism, and those businesses that do not adapt to a rapidly changing environment are certainly headed to extinction. Do not delay….start some type of strategic plan in motion now. The game has already changed and the race has begun. A new day has dawned, and it requires a re-inspection of performance potential, paying careful attention to the needs and demands of a well educated, well informed consumer.

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