Email Marketing

Email marketing is becoming the preferred communication and advertising tool for small businesses.  Whether maintaining relationships, educating customers, or soliciting new business, email marketing has shown to be one of the most efficient means of direct marketing.

Our permission-based email marketing system can be accessed using your browser.  From there you can maintain your email list, track campaigns, and create new emails to send.

Our automated system is incredibly easy to use, and comes in three options:

1. Do-It-Yourself

For those who like to maintain control of their email campaigns, the do it yourself option is perfect for companies looking for an easy to manage, customizable program that gives all the advanced features, with the simple interface that allows efficiency. When you select this option, Boostwave Consulting will set you up with our easy-to-use email marketing platform, and after a short setup, you can get your first email marketing campaign underway:

Custom Newsletter Designs

At Boostwave, we create custom email newsletter designs for each new user, so you won’t have to worry about being compared to a competitor. Each design is crafted to reflect the character of the brand, giving a personal and identifiable marketing piece that can be used repeatedly to deliver your message.

Build and Manage Email Marketing Members

Create and maintain your email marketing database using our proprietary platform that provides the latest standards in security to keep your data private at all times.

Schedule Email Campaigns

With our Do-It-Yourself email marketing option, you can create, schedule and deliver email campaigns whenever you like.  So go ahead and take that three day vacation, you have it handled!

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

Our manageable user interface prominently displays your campaign statistics as you log in. You can evaluate the results using a comprehensive tracking and reporting system that you can count on for accurate results. Good tracking data is key to continuing positive efforts.

Image and Content Management

Image and content are essential to any professionally run email campaign. With our image and content management feature, you can upload, organize and label your images to keep your marketing consistent, without a complicated system to slow you down.

2. Advanced Campaigns

For larger organizations needing multi-user accounts, Boostwave Consulting can provide an advanced email marketing platform to allow multiple users, and the ability to share client lists, branded newsletter templates and a library of images, media and content.


  • Create branded newsletter templates that are CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Oversee multi-user accounts and ensure brand and message consistency.
  • Host corporate resources in a centralized location with access for multiple users.
  • Measure and assess companywide results by user, division or location.

3. Custom/Corporate Solutions

Large corporations gain an extraordinary return on investment when they use email marketing as a dissemination tool. Why fight use third party systems that require maintenence when Boostwave Consulting can design a custom solution to meet all of your corporate needs including, multiple-user access, ability to import large data lists and shared resources which can be disseminated within your organization.

Contact us today for an affordable enterprise-level platform solution that includes administration, maintenance, technical support and software upgrades.