PPC-Pay per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click Campaigns are also referred to as PPC Campaigns. Not only is the Pay Per Click market growing, the average cost per click (CPC) is also increasing.

Having a pay per click campaign allows your business to actively market to people who are actively searching for the product or service you offer, in the geographic area which you choose. By outsourcing PPC Management you can optimize your click price, increase your conversion rates and attain high visibility in the most strategic areas online. PPC specialists manage all aspects of client PPC campaigns; from keyword selection and bid management, ad creation and ad placement.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase profitability of our clients and create a mechanism that attracts new business.

Below are some of the advantages of creating a PPC campaign.

  • Fast Results – ads appear within 24hours.
  • Pay Per Click advertising is highly targeted and results are able to be tracked in a high level of detail.
  • Ad fees are only paid if a prospective customer clicks on your ad…guaranteeing that they see your website.
  • You can set a budget by day or month, insuring a budget ceiling and can maximize visibility based on past results.
  • Effectiveness of the campaign(s) can be measured.
  • Content networks allow your ads to appear on other participating websites such as YouTube, MySpace and thousands of others.
  • Successful campaigns can often be duplicated to other networks and websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and more.