Social Media Marketing

Social Media and Its Importance To Your Business


Social Media and Its Importance To Your Business



How can having a Face Book Page help my business?  How can 140 characters or less on Twitter, make someone want to do business with me? What the heck is Google+?  Adding pictures to Pinterest is going to bring me new clients or customers?  You have heard that you need it, you have seen big corporations using it, but you’re not exactly sure why or how it’s going to help.  Better yet, How to do it correctly. Have no fear we are here to shed a little light on that subject.

Social Media is more than being “Social”.  The different Social Media Outlets are platforms for your business to engage with potential customers, in a not so “shove it down your throat” traditional advertising mentality.  It is a friendly way for customers to get to know you and your business.  These outlets help you Showcase your Brand and Build Trustworthiness.

Social Media is Flexible media.  It allows you to interact with your clients instantly, and to disseminate information immediately.  Can you do that with traditional advertising methods? NO..NO you can’t.

Community Building -The connections that you create via social media will help your business develop a loyal following of prospects.  These “relationships” that you cultivate will create a vast community of customer based cheerleaders for your business.  Loyal followers equal repeat sales.

Social Media Increases your websites Search Engine Rankings (SEO).  These Social outlets generate traffic to your website.  This traffic is then converted into an increase in Sales.  Google likes Social Media and rewards your website for using links to and from social outlets.

All of that sounds terrific, but HOW DO YOU IMPLEMENT THIS?  There are a few different options, but the one option that leads to the terrific results that you are now expecting, is to hire someone qualified or an agency.  Social Media is inexpensive compared to traditional advertising mediums, and is worth its weight in gold when done correctly.  If done incorrectly it can have disastrous results, so don’t leave this up to a novice.

Hopefully, this clears up a bit of the mystique of Social Media.  If you have more in depth questions or would like to discuss the potential for your business, please contact us.  We would be happy to help you.

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