Social Media Marketing

Is your company looking to leverage the power of Social Media?

Are you looking for a Social Media Agency to manage your Social Media efforts?

There is a lot of confusion regarding Social Media and exactly how to pursue a successful Social Media campaign.  Boostwave can take the confusion and costly trial and error” aspect out of your organization’s Social Media efforts, and answers the big question What is Social Media?

Social Media Optimization is imperative in today’s world, and knowing the proper strategy is very time consuming as business owner.  Boostwave specializes in Social Media and will create a custom campaign to fit the needs of your organization.  Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, Boostwave can handle your Social Media Marketing.

Step 1:  Setup

This is where we start by branding each social media page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reflect your brand identity, link the network to your primary website, and establish the look and feel of the network that is consistent with your organizations, logo, color scheme, and messaging.  Network priorities are established to focus on the networks that are likely to bring the best results.
Networks include (but not limited to):

Step 2: Content Creation

This involves creating social media content that is consistent with the theme and tone of your marketing message.  Content creation begins with keyword research and each message is crafted to highlight those keywords while providing a call to action that ends with users arriving at your website.  Tracking mechanisms are added to each message so that each click can be tracked.  Setup includes creation of 30 messages. Additional maintenance includes development of 5-10 new marketing messages monthly with dissemination.  Blog posts will be created monthly and will include an RSS feed that enables users to “subscribe” to the blog and receive real time updates.

Step 3: Dissemination

Once the networks and content have been created, it is time to disseminate the messages.  Using different portals, messages will be disseminated accordingly with tracking systems that enable the tracking of each message.  Blog posts are released once but social media messages that promote those blog posts will be repeated monthly.  This allows old blog posts to take new life as the social audience increases.

Step 4: Message Scheduling

Once the messages have been disseminated, we will reschedule those messages for monthly release.  This keeps the message at the top of the search engines and gives your messages new life as it has multiple chances to succeed.  As the audience gets larger, the messages become more effective.  One or more messages are released daily and each individual message will be repeated monthly for maximum exposure and Google indexing.

Step 5: Community Building

Good social networking is a two-way street that involves aggressive relationship building where an organization will find other organizations that communicate with a targeted market.  By befriending some of these existing networks, clients can deliver their message to a highly targeted pool of prospects, simply by forming a strategic partnership.  In addition to strategic partnerships, maintaining incoming friends, followers and connections can also be a time consuming process that we can maintain on your behalf.

Creating specialized groups or lists can also help establish credibility and a central location for prospective to discuss service offerings.  Users are targeted based on a predetermined set of criteria determined by age, location, interests and relevancy.  The campaign will focus on Twitter as it has shown to produce the fastest results.  The initial goal is to gain 2000 followers which allow increased visibility on both Twitter and the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Step 6:  Tracking

Knowing what is working and adjusting accordingly is a continual process when discussing social media.  By tracking the efficiency of messages, our team will deliver the most efficient messages at a higher rate while rewriting under-performing messages to maximize potential.

If you would like Boostwave Consultants to help your organization, please contact us today and find options for any sized business.