Springtime renewal for Small Businesses

Boostwave Blog 3-28-11

As we approach the Spring season and the traditional time of renewal, it seems an appropriate time to consider the importance of taking the time to consider new perspectives. As we enter into Spring 2011, there is not a more timely consideration for any small business than the planning of a Social Media marketing strategy.

Ironically, there is not a better time for small businesses to utilize the power of Social Media. Costs associated with traditional business advertising have prevented many small operations from broadcasting their business messages. T.V. is usually far too costly for the average business to consider. Radio spots , while more affordable than T.V., are less effective, and the penetration of display advertising in the local newspapers are diminished due to the rapid decline in subscriptions.

Often, for little more than the cost of a ½ page ad in the metro newspaper, small businesses can develop an affordable sustainable system of Social Media messaging that reaches the large age demographic represented by the “50 and under” group. This prime audience demands a new approach to obtaining information about current events. On average, this group spends 3 hours a day browsing their various Social Networks, extracting information and offering opinions about a wide range of subjects, including messages sent by businesses describing their goods and services. This two-way dialog is the direction of the future, although it is present day activity that fuels the changes in marketing necessary to access the tremendous purchasing power that this group represents.