W.C.Fields meets the Internet or How to smarten up a chump!

The late great W.C.Fields had a routine that offered 3 pieces of sage advice…”You can’t cheat an honest man”, “Never give a sucker an even break”, and “Never smarten up a chump”. Now, over 70 years later it is time to debunk these sentiments, and attempt to smarten up the “business chump”.

Are you a small business owner who has resisted planning a strategy to broadcast your business message via the Internet? Have you wondered how you could afford to advertise your goods and services on the Internet and achieve tangible results? Don’t know where to turn or how to learn enough about the subject to make a sound business decision?

The answers lie in building a marketing strategy with Boostwave Consulting  www.boostwaveconsulting.com that incorporates a system of business messaging via a Social Media community linkage. It is now possible (and inexpensive ) to send messages to a dedicated target audience through a custom network of linked Social Communities. Imagine how your business can benefit when a advertisement about your goods or services is broadcast to a family of Social networks every day. Each carefully crafted message filters throughout the entire system, constantly broadcasting your message to an active consumer base with a new informative message each and every day.

Boostwave Consulting specializes in Internet marketing with a staff that has over 75 years of merchandising experience. We champion small businesses with a custom designed Social Media marketing strategy that will effectively drive traffic to your website and generate sales and new clients. Boostwave can handle an aspect of your needs, from web design and construction, to Social Media community building and marketing strategies, we build a proprietary system custom designed as a turnkey program that starts working on day one. We target the exact consumer that you strive to reach , carefully craft messages replete with Key words to ensure that your message gets noticed, and track the results with a monthly activity analysis.We provide training and strategic advice ,service and support designed to help you become self sufficient.

The business model has changed, the cheese has moved. Your business must adapt in order to survive. Traditional methods of advertising are now more expensive and less effective than ever. Most consumers get the bulk of their information on line. If your business is not visible on the web, your future growth is in peril.

Don’t be a W.C.Fields Chump. Don’t be a sucker. It is time to examine the possibilities that a Social Media strategy can provide. Visit Boostwave Consulting  www.boostwaveconsulting.com or call 602-492-1211 today to schedule a no obligation conversation.

We’ll help turn you from a Chump into a CHAMP