What I learned by falling off a ladder


The other day, I experienced a classic accident that lead me to at least one revelation and several insights.

Let me first remark that I ended up as a very lucky person, with only a cracked pelvis and several bruises to remind me of this experience.

In the intermidable time from the beginning of my fall until the impact, I did radiate some insights. As I floated back to Earth, it dawned on me that this feeling of helplessness must be very akin to the fears and frustrations of a modern small business owner.

What can they do to survive the impact of a dramatically changing business  environment. Previous methods of attracting clients to a business menu of goods and services is no longer effective or affordable without a marketing program that includes an Internet/Social Media strategy to attract new customers. The average small business is facing  a difficult challenge of survival in a rapidly shifting informational environment.

If your business has ignored the stability and sustainability provided by an effective, affordable small business Social Media marketing strategy, then you too are in limbo, wafting downward until the impact of the fall destroys your business backbone.

The clock is ticking and the luxury of inaction has passed.In order to survive the circumstance of the current business and economic environment, you must be proactive. A strategic plan to develop a Social Media mechanism to broadcast your business message is one of the few realistic and affordable options available. To learn how to put a custom designed system  in place, visit : www.Boostwaveconsulting.com and get started today!

P.S.  The revelation is that the topmost step on a 10 foot ladder is indeed dangerous and should not be used!